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About McTimoney Therapy

All animals may suffer from back, neck, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems at some time during their life. And like us, they may benefit from McTimoney treatment.

The McTimoney chiropractic technique, an ethical and respectful way in which to work with another species; most animals will accept it quite readily and many seem to really enjoy it.

Whatever the age of your animal, whatever your chosen life style, activity or sport with your animal, you can improve the comfort, well being, general health, quality of life, and even performance of your animal with the aid of McTimoney therapy.


Just like people, horses and dogs can suffer from neck, back, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems too.  McTimoney therapy focuses on misalignments of the spine and pelvis, which occur when the joint is unable to move in its usual range of motion. This restriction may lead to muscular tightness, pain and stiffness.


Misalignments are corrected by the therapist using rapid yet, gentle adjustments which accurately provide a stimulus to the nerves associated with the misaligned joint to initiate the healing process. By adjusting those misaligned joints throughout the whole body health, soundness and performance may be restored and maintained.


McTimoney Animal Therapists have completed an in depth Masters degree in Animal Manipulation and work only with veterinary consent.

 What happens during a treatment session?

The treatment session will consist of taking a full clinical history of your horse or dog to build up an overall picture.


Your horse or dog’s gait (movement) and conformation (how your animal is put together) will be assessed for lameness, muscular symmetry and postural abnormalities.


Your horse or dog’s spine, pelvis and surrounding musculature will be palpated for misalignments, heat, swelling and discomfort. Any misalignments that are found will be adjusted and you will be given comprehensive after care advice.


Most animals readily accept the treatment and find it relaxing.

Claire Lawrence


Skye, a six year old Border Collie had been experiencing lameness after agility training and competing. Xrays had failed to reveal any problems and Skye's owner was forced to retire her from competition. Skye was found to have both rotation and tilt of her pelvis and because of this, surrounding muscles had become very tight and sore. Skye received several McTimoney treatments from Claire to correct the problem and is now able to excercise freely and has even started competing at agility again with success.


Sue, Wymondham.


KitKat, a 2 year old Australian Shepherd was admitted for routine hip scoring, however while under anaesthetic it was impossible to get KitKat straight so that good enough Xrays could be taken and she appeared to have one leg longer than the other. KitKat started receiving McTimoney treatment from Claire and her pelvis was found to be tilted on the side of the longer leg. After a few treatments KitKat was Xrayed again, this time there were no problems with getting her straight and she was found to have good hips.


Tricia, Lakenheath. 

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