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McTimoney for Horses

"How do I know if my horse could benefit from McTimoney Treatment?"


If your horse displays any of the following signs McTimoney Treatment may be able to help.


  • Canter problems

  • Stiff on one rein

  • Head shy

  • Difficulty maintaining an outline

  • Holding the head to one side

  • Loss of impulsion

  • Lameness/gait abnormalities where other causes have been ruled out by your vet

  • Asymmetrical musculature

  • Knocking down poles or refusing jumps

  • Stiffness after exercise

  • Sensitivity over the neck, back or hindquarters

  • Abnormal posture

  • Uneven stride

  • Changes in demeanour or behaviour



Claire Lawrence

Horses and ponies may be susceptible to musculoskeletal problems for various reasons; poorly fitting saddles, bridles and rugs can lead to misalignments. The work that we ask our horses to do also has a big impact on their bodies, when misalignments occur it can lead to muscle spasm and soreness as well as reduced neural function.

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